5 Easy Ways to Save Money on Shopping Online

Online eCommerce is a highly competitive industry. Online shops are making great efforts to increase conversions and generate more revenue. How to take advantage of it and save money on online shopping?

Here are 5 of our best and easy tips to help you save money on online shopping.

01. Find the Best Online Coupons

We all love coupons and deals.

The first thing we do is search for a coupon or promo link and it’s really work. We can find plenty of coupons and deals for almost every products on Internet. We need to look for the best and verified coupon code. Otherwise you’ll lose your chance to save money on online shopping.

Some websites promote fake coupons. Therefore, be sure to read reviews and comments before using it.

02. Use multiple coupon codes strategically

Some online stores allow shoppers to use multiple coupon code. At this point, we need to use them in correct order. For example, if you have two coupon codes with a 20% discount and a $ 15 discount, you must first use the 20% discount coupon code. After that, you can use a $ 15 coupon.

Do the math, and you will find that this is the best order to save more money on shopping.

03. Shop at the right day and right time

Some eCommerce websites offer special discounts for special events like Black Friday, new year, anniversary, etc. So, you should shop at the right day and right time.

If you are going to book air tickets, you can expect discounted prices on Sundays and Wednesdays. It is usually more cheaper than busy days like Mondays.

Tuesday is considered as the best day to buy laptops, computers, smart phones, etc. Some larger companies like DELL and HP, roll out discounts and special deals on Tuesdays.

04. Subscribe for their newsletter

Subscribing for websites newsletter is a great way save extra on online shopping. Don’t use the regular opt in form to subscribe. You’ll see a special opt in form when you abandon the site. Subscribe for it. Online stores struggle to get abandoned visitors back to their site. Take this advantage and save money on online shopping.

Most of online stores offer subscribers only deals. Also, some of them offer loyalty discounts for their previous customers. For example, Booking.com offer tiered loyalty program called Genius. It’s a great way to save money on booking when you travel regularly.

05. Leave your items in the cart

Some eCommerce stores track their abandoned shopping carts and offer special discounts to increase the conversions and sales. You can strategically get the advantage of this hidden secret of shopping cart.

Make sure add more products when you leave the cart. If your cart value is high, they offer higher discount. Later you can remove unnecessary items.

You may ask a feedback when you left your cart before purchase, if you are going to purchase physical products, you can mention shipping cost as a reason. As a result, you may get a free shipping opportunity.

Final thoughts on 5 easy ways to save money when shopping online

We all love to save money when we shop online. There are some effective ways to strategically save when you shop online. Follow these tips and save in your next order.

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