7 Smartest Ways to Save Money on a Tight Budget

Your interest in the topic shows that you want to save money, and you are looking for some smart ideas.

The tricky part about saving money is how to get started. To top it, if you are on a tight budget, things become even more challenging. You have your daily expenses to meet, but you understand that you have to save for your future as well. But the positive fact is that every small change in your spending makes a difference and contributes to your savings.

You do not have to sacrifice all your desires as you start saving money. Perhaps you need some smart savings tips. In this post, you will find some ways which can help to save for your future while taking care of your daily expenses.

So, here is how to save money fast:

Prepare Short Term Goals & Budget

You might have plans to save a lot of money but start with short term goals. If you start by trying to save $100 a week initially, it might be tough, and you will soon lose hope and motivation. So, set short term goals and try to reach them. So, start your savings journey with short term achievable goals.

Track Your Spending

If you want to save money, you have to control your expenses. Prepare an expense list every month – there will be some priorities such as your daily expenses, which you might not be able to reduce. Other expenses will need monitoring. Tracking can help in restricting unnecessary spending or impulsive buying. Ask yourself – do you really need that product? Will it make a big difference in your living, if you choose not to buy the product for the moment?

In other words, you have to distinguish between what you need and what you want. This will help you to save for your future.

Keep an Eye Out For Clearance Sales

This is where you will get discounts on some of the best-selling items & familiar brands. Top brands or retailers offer clearance sales to clear products from their shelves. If you are lucky you can get even 50% discount on some leading brands. Once these products are out, there will be space for new inventory which will then be on display.

Thus, during such offers you will get price cuts and discounts on some of the most desirable brands. You do not have to worry about compromising on quality as the products are new and ready for use.

Identify Your Money Leaks

If you are wondering how to save money fast, analyze your money leaks. A brief analysis, and you will be able to identify where all your money is going unnecessarily, which you can control. These might be in concert tickets or outside food or even impulsive online shopping

If you can identify all such money leaks, it won’t be difficult to address them. For instance, you can start preparing budget meals at home and save money. You can even unsubscribe from marketing mails of eCommerce stores so that you do not click their newsletters to check what is on offer.

Look for Ways to Reduce Your Expenses

What happens if you are still not able to reduce your expenses, despite all methods? You have to start finding ways to cut down even your current expenses. 

Here are some of the smartest savings tips which will make a difference:

  • Cancel a few memberships – If possible, cancel your gym membership and start working out at home. Check if there is any membership that renews automatically, and you can do without it at the moment.
  • Try Community Event Listing – You can lower your entertainment savings if you find some good community events. Try them for 2-3 months.
  • Reduce Eating Out – Look for recipes online and keep trying them at home. You never know you might be a great cook. If that doesn’t seem to be a good idea, search ‘cheap eats’ restaurants that have good reviews and ratings online.

Reduce Your Utility Bills

Try to be more conservative with your utilities. Look for ways to reduce your utility bills. For instance, you can insulate your windows with a bubble wrap, or you can even unplug the appliances when you are not using, and check if you are turning the faucet off as you brush your teeth. These small acts can help in lowering your utility bills.

Save On Transportation

You can organize a carpool and see how much you can save. You can also swap rides with a friend or colleague, that can add to your money-saving. Try and take public transportation to work at least once a week. It is going to save your fuel costs and also wear & tear of your car.

Get started early and start saving money even on a tight budget!

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  1. Hi,

    I have read the article completely. It is really well-explained regarding how to save money slow and steady. One important message I understand is, how much important it is to save money. Being not stingy also we can save money with this complete guidance.

    Thanks a lot and keep us updating with these types of motivating articles.

  2. These are some great ways to save money! I always say to myself ‘is it a need, or is it a want?’ That then results in me not to buy unnecessary things.

  3. Really nice article.
    For me, the biggest expenditure was on transportation and fuel charges.
    Fortunately for me, one of my colleagues just shifted his residence and we started carpooling.
    Moreover, recently I have also stopped dining out.


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