How to Start a Blog – Best Blogging Guide for Beginners

Want to start a successful blog? Here are some of the best tips you should follow if you’re planing to start a blog.

A blog is a personal, frequently updated online journal written in an informal and conversational style, whose content is mainly consumed by the general public. Starting a blog can be overpowering and mind-blowing, especially to beginners.

How to Start a Blog?

What most individuals fail to comprehend is that, just with necessary computer skills, this can be a walkover. Blog content is purely the writer’s views. However, there is a comment section where the readers can give their perspectives. The exchange of opinions enhances the interaction between the writer and the readers. It, therefore, provides a platform where like-minded people share an idea, trust, and loyalty. It allows the blogger to earn from the platform. People may decide to start a blog because of various reasons including

  • Make money from home
  • Share experiences and tell stories
  • Find a community
  • Seek a platform for recognition of oneself and business as well.

To create a successful blog recommends to follow the next specific steps:

Pick a name and a domain extension

Choosing the blog name depends on the topic to be discussed in the blog. Pick a descriptive name that tells a reader what the blog is all about even before they go through the entire read. Go for a domain extension, leave no spaces between words, and no punctuations except dashes in the domain name. Confirm if any other blogger takes the title if so, make necessary changes like adding small words or use different domains, then proceed.

Get the blog online

Involves registering the blog and acquire hosting. Two things needed to achieve this are blog hosting-which stores the files and blogging software. The duo comes packaged together. Nowadays there are plenty of blogging platforms out there. So, be careful when choosing a blogging platform.

Make sure to follow the experts’ best tips to save on online shopping.

Blog customization

It involves logging onto the blog, choose one among the available template, and change the design to what is desirable.

Writing and publication of the first post

At this stage, one is free to put down their thoughts, follow the stipulated procedures, and have their first workup. To publish, click the BlueHost menu then the launch button to remove the “Coming Soon” button, which will now indicate the presence of a new post.

Blog promotion

Making your blog known to many people helps one create a readership base. Get readers through social media, collaborations, and by reading and commenting on other people’s posts. Retain readers, have blogs up regularly. They possibly have a mail list where the readers leave their emails and get notified of any new reads and updates available.

Earning from the blog

Despite passion driving blogging, one can still make money from it. Making money comes in the very last part, but with all other steps completed, this part is the easiest. Depending on the hard work and dedication one puts in to create a good number of readers, there are various ways in which this can turn into an income-generating exercise.

Final Thoughts on Starting a Blog

One doesn’t need to be a writing expert to start a blog. As long as the passion is the driving force for the specific topic and interest in writing, nothing should hold them back. Ensure to choose a popular topic that will keep the readers glued on the blog and always wanting more. Do a regular update on the blog and engage the readers for them to feel appreciated. The complete process of coming up with a working blog may seem tedious, but with hard work and the love of it, it will seem like a work in the park.

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  3. Great article, and I myself used alot of these same tips and tricks when I started blogging. I feel like the most important part of starting a blog is doing something you enjoy and than being consistent.

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